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The STARZ Showcase will have a Certified Athletic Therapist on-site at the GREAT PLAINS arena. Our Athletic Therapist will be available throughout the showcase. An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) will be provided to the teams in the showcase, please ensure you have reviewed this document. The safety of the athletes participating in the STARZ Showcase is very important to our showcase Committee. If you have any questions or concerns about an injury, the EAP or other safety-related topics, please consult with our Athletic Therapist!



If an athlete sustains an injury, our Athletic Therapist is available to provide a brief assessment, treatment and follow-up exercises and/or treatment. In addition, they can provide guidance on return to play protocols for injuries. ​



Our Athletic Therapist is available to ASSIST with emergency injuries; however, they may not be able to respond immediately as they will be responsible for both ice surfaces at the rink (there will be times where two games are occurring at one time).  



Our Athletic Therapist is available to provide taping to all athletes as necessary. 

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