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Attack Sports is the hosting organization of the Western Canadian Showcase! Attack Sports hosts a number of community and charity based tournaments in the Calgary region as well as operating a training facility; hockey specific training camps, programs and skill sessions for individuals and teams; and athletic therapy services. 



At Attack Sports, we aim to re-define athlete development by incorporating multi-sport training, physical literacy, professional hockey coaching and Sport For Life principles. Research suggests that athletes who cross-train tend to excel in their chosen sport at the elite level due to excellent body control, understanding of strategic and tactical principles and well-rounded strength. In addition, we provide shooting, skating and stick-handling development in our unique facility. This is the Attack Sports formula for developing competent, confident and knowledgeable athletes. 


The facility is located in the southeast region of Calgary and features a training area of approximately 1500 square feet of a turf surface with shock-absorbing underlay where all classes and team sessions take place. Our skating treadmill is available to work on conditioning, stride technique and skating with the puck ability and features direct communication from an instructor in a controlled environment. The shooting centre is outfitted with synthetic ice and boards surrounding the surface. It features an electronic passer too. The facility also features a classroom space for instruction to aide in the development of our athletes. We are continually adding to our facility to make it the premiere youth training facility! 




Our hockey-specific training features use of our skating treadmill and synthetic ice shooting centre. At Attack Sports we offer one-on-one instruction in both of of these areas where athletes can receive immediate feedback from our industry leading instructors. 

In addition to our skill development programs, we offer on-ice programming for skill development throughout the year that culminates in our summer camps! Check out the Attack Sports website for details about our on-ice programming! 




Team training sessions include off-ice training led by our qualified strength and conditioning instructors, incorporation of skill development throughout the sessions or on-ice team development. We tailor our programs to best suit the needs of your team both on and off the ice! 



Attack Sports has an on-site Certified Athletic Therapist available to complete injury assessments and treatments for all individuals - not just athletes! Our Athletic Therapist also offers injury management classes and educational seminars. 

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